Media Mover Mail Recipe">beksau posted a">really helpful tutorial on how to integrate mobile technology (eg: mobile phones) with Media Mover to create an automatic transcoding system for posted content. Beksau's process uses">mailhandler as a standalone rather than integrating directly with Media Mover, but from my perspective, it just showcases the fact that you can make very creative systems for handling content- Media Mover is flexible enough to plug in to what you are already using.

Auto Run Module

I’ve just added the new Auto Run module to Media Mover’s 1.0alpha3 release. This module is a straight forward attempt to bridge the gap between people who need the complex functionality that Media Mover offers and people who need their data to be converted on demand. This module will run specified Media Mover configurations on node inserts and updates- meaning that when a user submits content or updates content, the specific Media Mover configurations will be run.