Media Mover 2.x - CTools Integration

With Media Mover 2 having significantly changed its architecture, the possibility to import and export data has gotten much more interesting. Because Media Mover's configurations now are mostly containers for steps which define the actual things that happen to files, it is possible to export and import both full configurations and individual steps. This is helpful for example if you are tweaking your video conversion process on your development server and then you can export the tweaked settings to your production environment. [Mark Sonnabaum](http://drupal.org/user/75278) has been leading the way getting the integration with CTools done so that there is a familiar interface for getting data in and out.

Import / Export Configurations in Media Mover

One of the greatest things about the views project is that it is simple to create backups or move views from one site to another. It makes it really easy to entrust site administrators to develop complicated tools inside of Drupal without ever touching code. It's also great for developers because we can put the views created by administrators of the site into code and actually keep track of critical views inside modules where things can be kept under version control.