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Dropdown Selector Code for Drupal

Some folks over at Reclaim the Media are converting their old site over to Drupal from an the MT/PHPWeblog site that I helped them build several years ago. Here's a little piece of code do build a dropdown selector to navigate to sections with javascript.


blockquote class="terminal">


$VID = 1; /* Desired vocabulary term ID */

    $output = "<form name=\"jump\"><input type="hidden" name="phpMyAdmin" value="2d92106b632b87e122433ea568cbe75b" /><select name=\"menu\" onChange=\"[].value;\" value=\"GO\"> \n";

Craig's List Scam

It is annoying to deal with the scammers on Craig's list. I've been selling some old stuff to try to get some cash. I decided to string along one of these scammers to see what the process is really like.

Here's my ad.

Nokia 3220 camera phone with ear bud and charger. When I switched providers, I got a free phone, so I'm selling my old one. It's lightly used, but in good shape

NYC BarCamp

Ok, it is of course the case that being around a bunch of geeks is talking technology is going to get my ass in gear to actually do some house cleaning.

Specifically, some really good stuff seems to be appearing from the NYC BarCamp. I hadn't heard about the Drupal Guild before, and honestly I'm really excited about it. As a person who deploys drupal all the time, I'm extremely excited to see a more formal structure around the development community of drupal. It seems like this could: