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Img_assist and JavaScript Popups

Ah the age old problem of having popup windows on your thumbnails. I figured out a good way to do this with some modifications of the img_assist plugin.

Change line 813:
$img_template = t($img_template, array('%caption' => $vars['caption'], '%node-link' => url("node/$image->nid"), '%img-link' => $image->filepath, '%alt' => check_plain($vars['alt']), '%width' => $width, '%height' => $height, '%src' => $src, '%image-class' => $class));

Wordpress 2.0.1 Released

Yes, of course it's all the rage, but WordPress 2.0.1 has been released. I just did an upgrade, it's painless. It also appears that file uploading has been fixed, so using an external editor is possible, which is nice!

Ecto is an interesting piece of software that allows an user to do publication via a nicely designed app, with integration for iTunes and iPhoto, another nice feature. Now that the XMLRPC bugs in WordPress appear to be fixed, it seems like it integrates rather seamlessly.