Export Watchdog to CSV Files Automatically

I find that Drupal's Watchdog table has a tendency to grow really fast. While the DB Log module allows you to remove entries after the table reaches a certain amount of lines, you are out of luck if you want to save some of those entries. Likewise, you might want your Drupal logs to just show you the logged errors that warrant your attention.

Enter DB Log to CSV. This is a lightweight module which will handle dumping your logs to CSV files and periodically rotates them.

Simple CDN with Media Mover and S3

Updated 10/26/09: added improved url rewriting rules

So you want an easy to setup CDN that does not require much work and integrates with Drupal. Here is a quick setup to get to serve assets automatically from your Drupal files directory from S3

What you need:

  • Drupal site
  • Media Mover
  • S3 account

Get started
Install Media Mover, enable the S3, Directory, and AutoRun modules on your admin/build/modules page. Go to admin/settings/media_mover and enter your S3 credentials.

Media Mover

hook_filter() and Finding Context in D6

Drupal's filter system is a pretty nifty thing- you can grab text coming through the system and modify it to your hearts content. This makes for great things like replacing various kinds of tokens, automatically making URLs link, and so on. I've been looking at the wordfilter module to check for "bad words" coming through the text.

One of the things that this module lacks is logging of the users who are using "bad words". Being able to track usage by user creates the possibility of creating specific kinds of actions around the user- settings various flags, demoting permissions, alerting admin, etc.