Media Mover S3 CDN Improvements

The S3 module for Media Mover just got updated to make the CDN integration easier. As files come through the system, files which already reside on S3 will have $file->s3_uri set which allows theming functions to display the local URI if it is present or the S3 URI if the file is already on S3. Make that $file->s3_data which is a serialized array of data from the S3 file. This allows for the generation of private urls.

Media Mover 2.x - CTools Integration

With Media Mover 2 having significantly changed its architecture, the possibility to import and export data has gotten much more interesting. Because Media Mover's configurations now are mostly containers for steps which define the actual things that happen to files, it is possible to export and import both full configurations and individual steps. This is helpful for example if you are tweaking your video conversion process on your development server and then you can export the tweaked settings to your production environment. [Mark Sonnabaum]( has been leading the way getting the integration with CTools done so that there is a familiar interface for getting data in and out.

Fun Tricks with Media Mover 2.x

Media Mover 2.x has been slowly creeping along for the last bunch of months and is starting to approach an alpha state. One of the cool things about Media Mover 2 is that the architecture has been rewritten from the ground up. Now there are three main concepts - files that Media Move knows about, configurations which are a collection of steps, and steps which are settings for some kind of action or process that is done to a file. However, they all have lives of their own which means you can do some neat things with them.