Win a Server for Life (some restrictions apply)

This across the wire from Riseup....

Win a Server for Life (some restrictions apply)

The riseup birds have big big dreams! But, alas, we are kept super busy maintaining and improving the current services we provide. One thing we are good at is building infrastructure (and acquiring donated hardware).

So good, in fact, that we want to give some of it away in a contest we are calling the "Win a Server for Life (some restrictions apply) 2008 Extravaganza".

Drupal 6 For Media Mover

When Media Mover was first under development, it was started on an already obsolete version of Drupal. Now with RC1 due any day now (next week, I swear) I've realized that I can't wait any longer to start moving toward Drupal Six. So I've started the porting process and of course it is not an easy road.

Server Melt Down

An extremely unfortunate series of events has left me with a significant loss of data- hence at the moment all the posts here date from February of this year- I'm hoping that I can pull out more data, but things at the moment are not looking so hot. I'm hopping that I'll be able to recreate much of the information that was here on Media Mover and related media issues in Drupal.

update: recovery process has started.... I've lost all the comments, but at least I'm finding some of the content