Wordpress to Drupal 6

I've used Wordpress on and off for several years to power my rambling about code and work. It has served me well and I think offers some advantages over more robust platforms (mainly that it is a fairly refined tool for blogging) for straightforward tasks like blogging. This being said, wanting to showcase some of my work on Drupal a bit more clearly, having a major data loss last month, and needing to get more acustomed to Drupal 6 have made the proverbial push over the cliff to move to Drupal from Wordpress easier to stomach.

Media Mover 6x Status

You can check out the latest progress on the Media Mover port to Drupal 6 here. I've made quite a bit of headway on things- there are a few helper modules left to go and doubtless, lots of testing. However, I did an end to end test today of harvesting from a FTP server and pushed the files to Amazon's S3 with a FFmpeg conversion in between. The future is bright.

Drupal CVS/SVN module script

I use a little command line script to work with my Drupal modules. Some people like other tools like Drush, or some of the other update tools that are available. What I wanted is something that could pull down new versions of modules from CVS and check them straight into SVN. This is a small script that I use to do this- it has options to just download from CVS, update a module to a new release, and check your changes into SVN as well. I modified it a bit for public use- your millage may vary.