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International Human Rights Day- Drupal plays a small part

The 60th anniversary of the">United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights has brought to the fore the work of many organizations who are utilizing the web (and Drupal) to fight for human rights across the word.">Witness has been featured several times in the last few days on">BoingBoing highlighting content Witness has helped produce and is kept on">The Hub. Witness' hub is a unique form of advocacy- part organizing tool, part citizen journalism- The Hub provides a large collection of human rights video which is not subject to the">whims of corporations making it quite unique in the commercial world of web media.

While the work that organizations like Witness are doing is vastly more important than the software that they use, it is worth noting that">Amnesty International,">Witness and">Human Rights Watch are all using Drupal in their work. I'd like to think that part of this is because of the commitments of users, developers, and Drupal shops is not just to better software, but to a better world- but it would not be the first time I was accused of being an idealist.

The Hub on Boing Boing: